Funeral Home Sveti Luka

Funeral home "Sveti Luka" Sofia organized burial and cremation, transportation and abroad - with specialized vehicles of the agency issuing the death certificate, repatriation of aliens formed all documents. Our team provides funeral accessories, wreaths with ribbon of condolence, flowers, cross, mourning mourning; produce obituaries, ceramic pictures, monuments, restoration and maintenance of graves. In case you do not have your old family grave is a free new tomb. Customers receive a free consultation and complete information in the agency and our phones around the clock for burial, cremation, memorial service. Funeral home "Sveti Luka" will be to you in the most difficult moments. Professional funeral service. Quality, integrity and professionalism.

Funeral home "Sveti Luka" gives you all the necessary attributes for funeral burial, cremation and memorial. The Agency makes funeral / burial services, construction and stone processing - restoration and maintenance of the tomb.

Funeral home "Sveti Luka", Sofia offers: coffins for burial and cremation - simple and luxurious, urns, monuments, tombstone letters, draperies, obituaries - color and black and white, portraits, photographs and ceramic funeral / memorial / plates, wreaths and flowers, lantern cross mourning mourning, mourning bands sable scarf mourning for door catering, wheat bread, service, candles, restoration and maintenance of the tomb. Funeral Sveti Luka.

Sveti Luka, Sofia


"HRISTO BOTEV" blvd, № 125

  • TEL: 02 / 931 15 55;
  • TEL: 02 / 831 53 84;
  • GSM: 0898 470 380
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